Hearing on Alix's leash law violation put off

Hearing on Alix's leash law violation put off

Lawsuit over pit bull ban coming shortly

PAWTUCKET - A hearing on local resident Al Alix's alleged violation of the city's leash law was put off Friday morning as the parties involved await the outcome of an anticipated lawsuit challenging Pawtucket's ban against pit bulls.

Pawtucket Municipal Court Judge John Gannon continued the hearing until after the conflict over the state's new law against breed-specific bans and the city's ordinance banning pit bulls is resolved in court.

Mark Morse, attorney for Alix and the Defenders of Animals, said after Friday's hearing that he plans to file a challenge to Pawtucket's pit bull ban within the next "week or two." Though Pawtucket officials contend that the state's new prohibition against breed-specific ordinances only refers to future ordinances, Morse said he and his legal team strongly believe that the law addresses all existing ordinances, including the one in Pawtucket.

According to an agreement made in court, Alix and his attorney have 60 days to file a lawsuit. Alix's pit bull "Chubs" will be allowed to stay at home on Harris Street during that time.