International Charter's Plump wins Art Educator of the Year

International Charter's Plump wins Art Educator of the Year

PAWTUCKET - Alison Plump, the visual arts teacher at International Charter School since 2006, has been named the elementary Art Educator of the Year by the Rhode Island Art Educators Association.

Plump "single-handedly created our visual arts curriculum and has inspired ICS students to think as artists for the past seven years," according to ICS administrators. Alison received her bachelor's degree in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design and her master's in painting from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ricardo Carrillo, a 3rd-grader at ICS, has been inspired by Plump's art classes. The following is a transcript from Carrillo's interview with Plump about receiving her award:

Carrillo: How do you feel about receiving this award?

Plump: I am very excited and very proud.

Carrillo: What does this award mean? How will your job as a teacher change because you received this award?

Plump: This award recognizes all the hard work of my students. I will continue to do my best to inspired young artists.

Carrillo: When you were young, did you like art?

Plump: I loved art.

Carrillo: Can you tell me anything about your art teachers?

Plump: My art teachers were supportive and dedicated in and out of the art room.

Carrillo: What type of art do you like to make most?

Plump: Painting and drawing.

Carrillo: Why did you become an art teacher?

Plump: Because I love art and I love to share it.

Carrillo: In all of your years of teaching art, what is your favorite project you have done with students?

Plump: I love drawing with my students; self portraits are always fun.

Carrillo: What did you have to do to become an art teacher?

Plump: I studied a lot of art and then four classes to become a teacher.

Carrillo: What are the highlights of what each grade is learning this year?

Plump: Kindergarten will do lots of experiential artwork, 1st-graders will be introduced to art elements, 2nd-graders will focus on studio habits of mind, 3rd-graders will gain a deeper understanding of art elements, 4th-graders will problem solving, and 5th-graders do a long-term, self-directed project. Third, 4th and 5th-graders also take a field trip to the Rhode Island School of Design Museum.

Carrillo: Thank you.