Still waiting for new recycling cart? They're here

Still waiting for new recycling cart? They're here

CUMBERLAND - The rest of the town's recycling carts are on their way, according to Town Hall. Residents can expect to have the wheeled larger recycle tote delivered to the outstanding streets and condominium complexes by the end of the weekend.

"We are very excited to get the rest of the households these larger recycle containers. Now everyone should have plenty of room for all their recyclables," said Donna Kaehler, Cumberland's recycling coordinator.

For those residents who had their recycling collection day changed, your collection day will go back to your original day. As soon as you receive the automated cart, your trash and recycling will once again be collected on the same day.

Since the larger carts have been delivered, the town has had an increase in its recycling rate. Cumberland ended the year with a 21.4 percent recycling rate, up from last year's 20 percent, which translates to a $3,200 savings just in tipping fees, and approximately another $2,500 in recycling profit share.

"More room, easier collection method, and having residents think twice before they throw something in the trash is really paying off," said Kaehler.

With the new automated collection program, residents are reminded the containers are collected mechanically, requiring a three-foot clearance around the cart, with the lid opening toward the street, and the cart is not to be placed more than two feet in from the street.

"If the arm on the recycling truck cannot reach the cart safely, unfortunately, we will not be able to service your house that week."

Residents are also reminded that the carts belong to Waste Haulers and must stay with the property. Waste Haulers is now the company servicing the community, so residents are being asked to remove the large sticker off the cart from the previous company.