MSC to create new scholarship program for those in need

MSC to create new scholarship program for those in need

WOONSOCKET - In conjunction with its 90th Anniversary of ministry, Mount Saint Charles Academy has announced the formation of a new program designed to assist families with extreme financial need - the Sacred Heart Scholars Program. This initiative will seek to identify Catholic families in the area who might desire a Catholic high school education for their children but are unable to afford one. Through the recommendations of local pastors, Mount's goal is to assist as many of these families who can benefit from this program as possible. However, the number of students accepted into the program will be limited.

In a press release, Mount wrote: "Even though the education at Mount has changed in response to the times throughout the Academy's 90 years of serving families in northern Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts, Mount's mission and its founding charism, as established by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, have never changed. The Educational Charism Statement of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart states in part that, "The charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart is a gift from God to the Church. As members of a school community striving to embody this charism, our primary mission is the evangelization of young people.

Mount's President, Herve Richer, said, "True to the charism, from its very founding, Mount was intended to serve Woonsocket's French-Canadian immigrant families, families of mill workers who were poor and desired a Catholic education for their sons. Over time, the cost of tuition has created a greater gap between Mount and the low income families we were meant to serve. More and more families have found themselves unable to afford the Catholic education they desired for their children. In response to that reality and in an effort to remain truer to our mission, we have created the Sacred Heart Scholars Program."

In order to make this program possible, Mount has asked local pastors to identify families in their parishes whom they know to be good, fervent, faithful Catholic families who desire and deserve a Catholic education for their children. These families must have extreme financial need and would likely not be able to afford to send their children to Mount. They must be active members in their parishes and local communities, regularly attend liturgical services, and they must also be families whose children have received the sacraments. These children should be personally involved in the life of the parish as well, attend liturgical services regularly, and serve in parish ministries. Families cannot apply for this program on their own. They must first be recommended by their pastor.

Once identified, these families will be encouraged to visit Mount's open house, meet with the admissions director, and follow through with the admissions process.