Kevin's Galley to reopen as Zax Galley with new breakfast menu, same great seafood

Kevin's Galley to reopen as Zax Galley with new breakfast menu, same great seafood

WOONSOCKET - When Adel Bettouche opens the doors to Zax Galley next month, former regulars of Kevin's Galley, the last business to own the space, will certainly find aspects of the place familiar.

Remnants of the nautical theme from the once popular seafood restaurant remain, if in a subdued fashion, with fish replicas and antique signs still gracing the walls. The dining room has the same recognizable wood paneling, and even utilizes some of Kevin's old furnishings. Clamcakes, chowder, and fish and chips will still be on the menu.

But there are plenty of renovations and new ideas cooking up at the well-known on Brook Street building.

"I want to diversify the menu," said Bettouche.

Bettouche has owned Town Pizza in Bellingham since 1999 and has since grown and expanded the business to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"That's what I want to do here in Woonsocket," he said. "Have a little something for everyone."

Since Bettouche bought the property, a well-known grey and white building visible from busy nearby Social Street, he's completely renovated the kitchen, purchasing all new equipment. An oversized picture window has been installed in the dining room to add light to the area. By cutting a hole in the wall, Bettouche was able to add a takeout window that can be accessed right from the entryway.

He's also added a breakfast bar with nine seats in an area that once served as a waiting room for Kevin's, where he'll hang TVs from the wall.

"I want to make a nice place, where people can come early in the morning, have breakfast and watch the news," Bettouche said.

It's a plan that has worked well in Bellingham, where Bettouche has expanded on the concept of a conventional pizza shop.

"I try to think a little outside of the box. Everyone offers the same pizza and subs," he said. "People want variety."

Bettouche added comfort food, from chicken pot pie and stuffed peppers, to meatloaf and American chopped suey to the Bellingham menu several years back, and it was an instant hit. He also bought a cafe in the same plaza, where he began serving breakfast.

When the building owner renovated the plaza, Bettouche acquired some additional space and merged the two businesses, and Bellingham Town Pizza and Cafe was born.

"I was surprised how much breakfast you do at night," he said.

In Woonsocket, Bettouche will be hiring around seven local people and plans to keep hours Tuesday through Sunday, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. He's considering offering breakfast delivery, which has also done well in Bellingham.

"People want to be lazy on Sunday, especially during the winter," he said.

In regards to the seafood for which Kevin's was famous, Bettouche said he plans to offer the same product, "maybe better."

The Hollister, Mass. resident and father of two has named the Woonsocket restaurant after his 6-year-old son Zachary.

He said plans to offer unique weekly specials on the new menu, and affordable prices.

"I want to try to keep my prices really, really reasonable," he said. "Especially for breakfast."

Zax Galley is in the final stages of construction and the restaurant is expected to be opened in early October.