Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Oct. 1

Gabriel Cunningham, Happy 6th Birthday, Christmas Angel. We love you so much! Love, Nana and Pops

Oct. 2

Lily Claire Pucciarelli, Happy 6th Birthday, Tootsie! Love, Momma, Daddy, Vanessa, Nicolo, Ava and Luke

Oct. 4

Happy 6th Birthday Yvette Bolduc! Dear Yvette, Wishing you a magical day today and every day! Love, Mom, Nancy and Mary

Oct. 7

Happy 7th Birthday Ava and Sarah Gregory! Love, Mom, Dad and Will

Oct. 25

Jayden Bilyj, Happy 3rd Birthday! Love, Auntie Joely, Uncle Billy, Tom and Amber

Happy 13th Birthday Jillian Joyce! Love, Mom, Dad, Shannon, Emmy, Nana and Pa

Oct. 28

Bob Conroy, Happy Birthday to Poppy, my #1 sports fan! Love you, Kyle