Still no vendor's permit for Del's at festival

Still no vendor's permit for Del's at festival

SCITUATE - For the second time in as many weeks, Del's Lemonade has been shut out of the Scituate Art Festival.

Seeking a vendor's spot at North Scituate Baptist Church, Del's request for a license to sell frozen lemonade at the art festival was on the agenda of a special Town Council meeting Monday night, Sept. 30, but the council took no action on it.

No action was needed because, between the time the agenda was prepared last week and the meeting held Monday night, church leaders met Sunday and decided to decline Del's request to set up shop on its grounds, council members reported.

It marked the second time Del's lost out on a vendor's permit. At the Sept. 16 meeting, the council denied Del's request because the Cranston-based business did not have an authorized spot, approved by the property owner, where it could sell its product during the festival. The council tightly controls vendor licenses with the goal of giving local nonprofits preference over for-profit businesses. A key requirement is that each vendor must be hosted by a property owner.

No one was present at the council meeting Monday to represent Del's. The art festival, which draws hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of spectators, is held during Columbus Day weekend, Oct. 12-14, on the Village Green. Usually, about 120 vendor licenses are in play at the festival, now in its 47th year.