BV Prep's charter challenge dropped

BV Prep's charter challenge dropped

CUMBERLAND – Parents rallied, driving to Bristol Monday night to testify against a perceived move to rescind the charter of Blackstone Valley Prep.

But all the panic was all for nothing.

An item on Monday’s state Board of Education agenda, which called for possibly reversing a July 15 renewal of the Blackstone Valley Prep’s charter, was quickly deleted at the start of the meeting.

At issue for this school system under the Rhode Island Mayoral Academies umbrella was an expansion plan for more schools included with the charter renewal.
Four board members had requested the discussion.

As reported by The Breeze in July, BV Prep’s renewal application included a new configuration for its system that will increase the eventual number of elementary and middle schools to three each but not the number of projected students overall.

Beginning this fall with the addition of 4th- and 8th- grades, the elementary and middle schools will be filled with 1,000 students in grades kindergarten to 8.
The high school opens in the fall of 2014 when this year’s 8th-graders become the first freshman class. A high school grade will be added each year. A third elementary school is planned for 2015 and a third middle school for 2017.

The total target student population for BVP’s seven eventual schools in the Blackstone Valley is 2,000.

Department of Education spokesman Elliot Krieger noted at the time that even with the added schools, “the total enrollment does not change, so there will be no revision in any estimated costs to sending districts. The change will allow BV Prep to serve the same number of students while keeping the schools relatively small.”

-Marcia Green