Council creates NP Animal Rescue League Board

Council creates NP Animal Rescue League Board

Members will study possibility of new shelter facility

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Town Councilor Dino Autiello says he hasn't given up his dream of creating a new and improved animal shelter or animal rescue league similar to the one in neighboring Providence.

The animal lover, who is "still committed to the vision that I've had," is enlisting the help of the community in coming up with a plan, which he says needs a lot of careful consideration.

At the urging of Autiello, the North Providence Town Council last week created the North Providence Animal Rescue League Board, a panel that will be made up of town officials, animal rights activists, animal care professionals, and other businesspeople and residents, according to Autiello. Board members will "bounce ideas off each other," said Autiello, and "work with me" to "see what's the right direction to go in."

Autiello is asking anyone interested in serving on the North Providence Animal Rescue League Board to contact him by email at either or

According to Autiello, "tons of people" have reached out to him since he stated for a Breeze story in March that he would like to see some of the North Providence Police Department's winnings from a 2012 settlement with search giant Google used to create a new animal shelter facility.

At this point, said Autiello Monday, he feels it would be "premature" to approach police officials to ask for a commitment on a portion of the Google funds without first hashing out all issues, including potential legal ones, and deciding exactly what kind of organization would be wanted, whether a humane society or rescue league.

"I want to come to the table with a fleshed out plan for the animal rescue league crafted by insight, expertise and feedback from all stakeholders, including the North Providence Police Department," he said. "That is the purpose of the board I'm in the process of forming."

Autiello, who has done a "ton of research" on the idea, said he is reaching out to animal rescue organizations to ask for recommendations on people who should serve on the board.

"I welcome anyone who is passionate about this idea to contact me," he said.

Autiello has said he would like to see local officials move to build a statewide drop center at the current location of the North Providence Animal Control Center on Smithfield Road. A "rescue league" type of operation would allow animal rights advocates to rescue thousands of animals and save them from being disposed of in undesirable ways.

The reason he thinks the Google cash could be used for such an operation, said Autello, is that the current animal shelter is run by the North Providence Police Department.


Why in the world would we want to have another board when we can contract with Providence or some other town that already has the infrastructure to take on this project if at all necessary? How about the taxpayer stakeholders, we are the ones that end up paying for these new dreams. NP is in financial straights, we have increasing expenses every year with the contracts and state mandates. I expect the town council to see beyond this year with a five to ten year plan in mind for the town, that will scare the pants off anyone to get a view of what we are facing and it adds up to more expenses with less revenue (unless you call raising taxes more revenue). Councilman Autello we need to find ways to reduce our expenses, get rid of waste and duplication and really look at NPs obligations coming up.