Volunteers make big progress at Intervale Cemetery

Volunteers make big progress at Intervale Cemetery

NORTH PROVIDENCE - On Saturday, Sept. 14, a small work party from the United Train of Artillery of the Rhode Island Council of Historic Chartered Military Commands, Rhode Island Militia, met at the Intervale Cemetery off Intervale Avenue to complete more restoration work.

After a brief breakfast and coffee, volunteers were able to accomplish the following, according to Joseph Giammarco, of the United Train of Artillery:

* They raised the stone of William Brownell.

* They removed the two massive "root balls" they say were threatening the line of Whipple gravestones.

* They found and excavated Capt. Benjamin Whipple's base stone.

* They installed new base stones, stones that company members cast themselves, for Elizabeth and Phebe Whipple, Capt. Benjamin Whipple's wives.

* They raised the gravestone of Elizabeth Whipple. Like other Whipple stones of that period, the "gem" of a stone is a slab of white marble, about four feet high, with a weeping willow tree carved in the top. The inscription is framed with corners of carved acanthus leaves.

* They located and raised the footstone of Daniel Whipple.

* They located the top of a slate stone.

* Using the 1890 survey, it would seem they discovered the proper location for Barney and Rebecca Snell's stones. Barney Snell was a veteran of the War of 1812.

* They moved the pieces of Eliza Davis' stone to a pallet for repair.

* And they mowed and weed-wacked nearly the entire lower portion of the cemetery.

The Sept. 14 work session brings the total number of Intervale Cemetery stones repaired to 55, according to Giammarco. As there are 225 known buried in the cemetery, there are now approximately 160 markers left to find and restore.