Braves 5th-grade team on a roll

Braves 5th-grade team on a roll

With only two weeks remaining in the regular season, the Cumberland Colts Blackstone Valley American Youth Football League's 5th-grade team has inserted itself into the playoff picture in a big way.

The team has won three games in a row, including an 18-7 win over defending champion and previously undefeated CLCF. The Colts were able to keep the game close in the first half and let up only one score by the Chiefs. The Colts defense was stubborn all day, led by linebackers Joey Disalvo, Davis Matos and Evan Klowen.

Just before half, the Colts drew closer when Derek Barry hit Aidan Faria with a touchdown pass on a play that covered 60 yards.

In the second half, 13 different Colts players carried the football. Precision passing by Nick Plante led the way to the Colts second touchdown with big completions to Ryan Larson, Faria and Disalvo, and Faria punched in his second touchdown of the game behind a hole opened up by tackle Thomas Berger and guard James Moffit.

On Sunday, the Colts took on the Seekonk Warriors on a day where running was difficult because of weather conditions; however, the Colts put together a big offensive series in the first half, getting an explosive 40-yard touchdown run from running back Owen Mollis.

The score remained 6-0 at half-time. In the second half, the Colts drove down field again with big runs coming from Ryan Larson, Davis Matos and Evan Klowen.

The Colts punched in their next score with Aidan Faria on a six-yard drive. The game seemed well in hand going into the fourth quarter, but the Warriors would not go down without a fight and scored. The Warriors attempted an onside kick and it was recovered by the Colts Joey DiSalvo. Faria added a final score on a 50-yard run.

In other 5th-grade action on Sunday, CLCF pounded the North Smithfield Xpress, 32-0; Darlington blanked New Bedford, 13-0; Johnston topped Fall River, 20-0, and Fairlawn crushed West Warwick, 38-0.

The Providence North End 49ers are in first place at 6-0, followed by CLCF and Darlington, 6-1; Lincoln 5-0; Fairlawn, 4-2; Cumberland, 4-2; Johnston, 3-3; Seekonk, 2-5; New Bedford, 2-5; North Smithfield, 2-5; Fall River, 1-5; East Providence, 0-6, and West Warwick, 0-6.

In Junior Mite action, Central Falls defeated Fairlawn, 12-0; CLCF downed North Smithfield, 19-0; South Attleboro White cranked Darlington, 27-7; Johnston downed Fall River, 21-0; Providence North End beat New Bedford, 19-0; Seekonk slammed the Colts, 34-0; Upper Cape Spartans got the better of West Warwick, 20-13, and East Providence belted South Attleboro Black, 30-0.

South Attleboro White and CLCF are tied for first place at 7-0, followed by Providence North End, 6-0; Central Falls, 6-1; Lincoln, 4-1; Darlington, 4-3; New Bedford, 4-2; Seekonk, 3-4; Johnston, 3-3, Woonsocket, 3-3; East Providence, 3-3; North Smithfield, 3-4; Upper Cape, 2-4; Fall River, 2-5; East Providence, 1-4; Cumberland, 1-5; Fairlawn, 1-6; West Warwick, 0-6, and South Attleboro Black, 0-6.

In the 4th-grade Division, CLCF nipped North Smithfield, 7-6; South Attleboro downed Darlington, 21-7; Fall River bopped Johnston, 27-0; Woonsocket cranked Upper Cape 33-13, and the Providence Packers beat the Cumberland Colts, 21-13.

Fall River and Johnston are tied for first place at 6-1, followed by South Attleboro, 5-2; Woonsocket, 5-2; CLCF, 4-2; Central Falls, 4-2; East Providence, 3-2; Lincoln, 3-2; Darlington, 2-4; Upper Cape, 2-5; Providence Packers, 1-5; Cumberland, 0-6, and North Smithfield, 0-7.

During games in the 6th-grade Division, Central Falls blanked Fairlawn, 24-0; New Bedford took a 32-25 win over Providence North End; CLCF pounded North Smithfield, 28-0; Darlington edged South Attleboro, 14-12; Johnston smacked Fall River, 43-13, and Cumberland shut down Upper Cape, 25-0.

CLCF and Central Falls are in first place at 6-0, followed by Johnston, 5-1; South Attleboro, 5-1; East Providence, 4-1; Lincoln, 4-2; Providence Packers, 4-2; Cumberland, 3-3; New Bedford, 3-4; North Smithfield, 3-4; Providence North End, 2-4; Fairlawn, 2-5; Darlington, 2-5; Upper Cape, 1-5; Woonsocket, 0-6, and Fall River, 0-7.

In 7th-grade Division contests, Fairlawn blanked Central Falls, 18-0; Providence North End beat New Bedford, 19-0; Darlington outscored West Warwick, 40-30; CLCF topped North Smithfield, 19-6; Fall River defeated Johnston, 21-13, and Seekonk got by Cumberland, 8-0.

CLCF and Providence North End are on top at 6-0, followed by West Warwick, 5-1; Fairlawn, 4-2; Central Falls, 4-3; Lincoln, 3-2; Cumberland, 3-4; Darlington, 3-4; Seekonk, 3-4; Fall River, 2-5; East Providence, 1-4; New Bedford, 1-5, and Johnston, 0-6.

During games in the 8th-grade Division, Fairlawn pounded Central Falls, 40-13; Providence North End slammed New Bedford, 32-6; West Warwick topped Woonsocket, 22-0; CLCF blanked South Attleboro, 32-0; Johnston got by Fall River, 19-13, and Seekonk bested Cumberland, 38-15.

Providence North End is in first place at 7-0, followed by Fairlawn, 5-1; CLCF, 5-1; Providence Packers, 5-1; West Warwick, 4-2; Woonsocket, 4-2; Darlington, 4-2; Seekonk, 4-3; East Providence, 3-3; Central Falls, 3-4; New Bedford, 2-4; Cumberland, 1-5; Johnston, 1-5; Fall River, 1-6; South Attleboro, 0-5, and Lincoln, 0-5.