Chucky Tramonti celebrates 25 years with friends and family

Chucky Tramonti celebrates 25 years with friends and family

NORTH PROVIDENCE - He just might have more friends than anyone else in town, and for David "Chucky" Tramonti, those friends mean everything.

About 40 of those closest to Tramonti, including family and friends, gathered at Twin Oaks in Cranston to celebrate the local celebrity's 25th birthday last week.

"I had so much fun," Tramonti told The Breeze at one of his favorite hangouts, a Dunkin Donuts on Mineral Spring Avenue. "It was unbelievable."

Tramonti at 25 bears little resemblance to the little boy who started hanging out at the Geneva Fire Station at 3 years old, later riding his bike to the station by himself.

"Every day after school I used to go down, hang out at the fire department," he said. "At night time I'd leave to go home and they'd say, 'why don't you stay for dinner.'"

Tramonti remains wildly popular in the town's public safety departments. Firefighters let him help out with everything from sweeping the floors to cleaning the trucks, and he can often be seen riding around with his fire jacket on.

Why do police and firefighters love him so much?

"I help them out," said Tramonti. "I give them my full and undivided attention."

North Providence firefighters have always "taken a like to me," said Tramonti. One year, when his first bicycle broke down, they pitched in and bought him a new one. He has received numerous other gifts over the years, from sweatshirts and fire jackets to radios.

Anthony Rossi, a retired firefighter who took Tramonti under his wing early on and is very close with Chucky and his mother Rose, recalls seeing other children being "overwhelmed and intimidated" by the fire apparatuses at the stations, "but not Chuck."

"Chuck just has this love of the fire service and the police service," he said. "That's his love."

It's hard to explain exactly why Tramonti makes such a positive impact on people everywhere he goes, said Rossi, but his cheerful outlook and bright smile, despite any mental challenges he might face, sure have a lot to do with it.

"If we could all see life through Chuck's eyes, what a wonderful world this would be," he said.

Tramonti has the honor of being an auxiliary firefighter for the local fire department. He rides his bike for his department work and to his part-time jobs with Catanzaro's Pizzeria and Rossi's landscaping business.

Members of the fire department and town officials have adopted Tramonti as one of their own since his father, David "Chuck" Tramonti Sr., died. "Everyone watches out for him," said Mayor Charles Lombardi, who was close with Tramonti's father. Seeing him honored in front of so many people last week was an emotional experience for all involved, said Rossi and Lombardi.

Tramonti said he has no plans to ever leave the town where he grew up.

"I love it here and I wouldn't live anywhere else," he said.

Why go anywhere else, asked Tramonti, when there's so much to do right here.

What would he do if he was mayor?

"If I was mayor of North Providence, I would definitely open the Geneva station again and put it back to where it was," said Tramonti. "Definitely."

Though he's friends with Lombardi, and understands that he was looking to save money by closing the station, said Tramonti, he was sad to see it closed. If he was mayor, he would also keep the North Providence Public Works Department in town workers' hands, said Tramonti, because he thinks they do a great job.

Tramonti said he won't soon forget the kindness of all those, from the mayor to current and former police officers and firefighters, who helped throw his 25th birthday party.

"I'm still on cloud nine," he said. "I will be for a long time."


Chucky's dad David "Chuck" Tramonti passed away almost 20 years ago in 1994. The North Providence Firefighters have definitely been a Blessing in Chucky's life since then. Thank you to all of them.
Valeria L. Varrecchione
Chucky's aunt.