Teto: Everyone approaching new year differently

Teto: Everyone approaching new year differently

Victoria Teto, a junior at North Providence High School, is our student columnist for the 2013-2014 school year. Teto is the daughter of Christine Badway-Teto and Richard Teto Jr. and sister of Richard Teto III.

Teto plays in the school band at North Providence High, is vice president of Students Against Drunk Driving, is a member of the Cougar Pause Project, and serves as junior class treasurer. Her interests include math, writing, reading, sewing and music.

School starts and the adrenaline is back, the excitement to see friends, old teachers, new teachers, and to see what the classes will hold for the rest of the year. What clubs are students going to join this year? What do they want to make of the year ahead?

It is time for a clean start, a clean slate. Make this year better than the last. Auditions, tryouts, meetings, they're all starting up again. Identifying or re-identifying themselves is what students busy themselves with at the start of this new school year.

Freshmen are learning the ropes of this new and large school, rushing to classes, getting lost, trying to find their lockers and classes or even the gym and cafeteria.

Sophomores are jumping back into the swing of things. Some might still get lost but they are more confident and show it through their stride and calmness between classes.

Juniors are back with less to carry, smaller bags, fewer notebooks and books at a time. The juniors have gotten the hang of things at the big school. They know where they're going and do not rush, and they know how to get where they need to go.

Seniors are back, some dreading their return, others glad to have a great senior year and be done. They know they are the top class and walk the halls confidently stating their claims.

There will always be students glad to be back and students who wish they were not back. These first few weeks of the new school year introduce both types of students to the school, teachers, and other students. These weeks set the foundation for a new and great school year.