Annual stipends, no raise for school custodians with new contract

Annual stipends, no raise for school custodians with new contract

NORTH PROVIDENCE - The School Committee has approved a tentative contract for Union 2435 custodians for the 2013-2014 fiscal year, keeping a $250 annual stipend for each full-time worker, as well as the same salaries as last year.

The annual stipend for the 25 full-time custodians works out to $6,728 annually, including taxes, said school Finance Director John McNamee.

Agreements were made to continue paying the stipend, which has been awarded by the end of December for the past two years, in the absence of a salary increase, McNamee said.

He said the hourly rate remains at $16.60, and while numbers fluctuate depending on longevity and overtime, total salary costs total approximately $974,000 for the 2013-2014 school year.

After working on negotiations since June, School Committee members approved a tentative contract at a special meeting held at North Providence High School on Oct. 9.

Costs for the first year of the two-year contract have been figured, but parties will have to head back to the table for a re-opener in the second year, 2014-2015, to calculate wages and health care, said Andrew Henneous, the school department's attorney.


This agreement for the maintenance department is very important to show the teachers that NP school department is under tight financial times. This is the way it has to be due to the towns own struggles financially.
I would not want to hear later on that the teachers got an increase while the maintenance people did not.