Giammarco reunion marks 100 years in town

Giammarco reunion marks 100 years in town

NORTH PROVIDENCE - If you don't know a Giammarco, you know a friend of a Giammarco.

Few families are more well represented in North Providence than this family, with generations of Giammarcos spending the past century here.

It was the early 1900s when four brothers, Gaetano, Caesar, Panfilo and Ettore (Henry), as well as two sisters, Matilda and Angelina, came here from Sulmona, Italy, and started their families, according to Cheryl Giammarco Hammad. Instead of coming in through Ellis Island, the way so many immigrants did at the time, those early Giammarcos came through Boston. These siblings were children of Salvatore and Madelina Giammarco.

Several of the Giammarco brothers were painters, creating murals and frescoes in homes and local churches. Music and art seem to have carried through the family bloodline.

The six siblings would have many children, who then had their own children, and so it went. Most Giammarcos called North Providence home, but some moved to other Rhode Island communities or even out of state.

The modern Giammarcos got together for a huge family reunion at Twelve Acres in Smithfield on Oct. 6. There were 132 of them in attendance from as far away as Texas.

Brothers Frank and Cesar Giammarco and their families traveled over the summer to where the family roots began. They provided a slide show and plenty of background information about the Sulmona Giammarcos.

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Entertainment was provided by many talented Giammarco family members, who formed a band before the reunion and practiced to perform for the main event. For the children there was pumpkin painting in an adjoining room.

After mingling and reconnecting, dancing and singing, family members ended the afternoon with homemade Italian cookie trays. The day was a rousing success, with the Giammarcos in attendance overwhelmingly voting to continue the Giammarco family reunion as an annual event," said Giammarco Hammad.