Kilmartin warns of jury duty and arrest warrant scam

Kilmartin warns of jury duty and arrest warrant scam

PROVIDENCE - Attorney Gen. Peter Kilmartin is warning Rhode Islanders of an aggressive new scam involving people being threatened with imminent arrest for failure to appear for jury duty. They are offered the opportunity to "post bail" by paying a certain amount with a credit card.

The scam artist claims to be from a local county sheriff's office, has personal information about the individual, such as name and address, and appears to be calling from a phone number with a local area code.

The caller gets aggressive and threatening when questioned about the claims, often indicating they will be arriving at the home shortly to make an arrest.

Residents should be aware of several red flags associated with the scam: * The Jury Commissioner's Office for the Rhode Island Superior Court does not issue arrest warrants for individuals who fail to appear for jury duty.

* If an arrest warrant is issued for an individual, law enforcement will not contact the person to let them know it exists.