Perfect Puppy has established ties with breeders

Perfect Puppy has established ties with breeders

SCITUATE - Looking for a new dog? The newly-opened Perfect Puppy may have just the best friend you're looking for.

The Perfect Puppy is a family-owned and family-run business with close ties to the breeders whose dogs are featured.

After 27 years of breeding dogs and being around the business of breeding and selling, Roger Yarce says he decided to get his whole family involved and open a pet store.

The store is located at 55 Village Plaza Way in Scituate. They opened their doors at the start of September specializing in AKC and ACA purebreds, but also get mixes as well, along with hypoallergenic dogs that don't shed, according to Yarce's son Ryan Bergantino.

Their selection rotates, but they usually have boxers, Labradors and some labradoodles.

The hypoallergenic dogs can include shih tzus, bichons and Yorkshire terriers. And they can get many other breeds. The mix breed do not come with a registration and are not recognized by AKC and ACA, Bergantino.

Bergantino said that what makes his pet store different from other ones is that the dogs are not located in the back away from the birds and reptiles, but are the main and only focus.

"My dad is a breeder himself and he knows breeders," Bergantino said. "We get dogs from local breeders from New England, from farm dogs to kennel dogs and sometime champion dog runners.

We also carry whole litters instead of picking one or two. All we do is dogs and we've been doing this for almost 30 years and have the resources. We know the business contacts and do it the right way."

Bergantino added that with the trust they have in their breeders, they are able to give two years of hereditary health care that guarantee against birth defects. Bergantino stressed that their store is a completely different aspect of pet-buying and is very unlike puppy mills.

"Puppy mills are terrible," he said about the unhealthy way they breed the mother dog. "We pick up our dogs ourselves, meet the breeders and then meet the people who buy the dogs. The dogs are sold face-to-face."

The Perfect Puppy is open every day from 11 a.m. until 8:30 p.m., always with a different array of Yarces there to greet customers.

Bergantino works with his father, mother, four brothers, sister and cousin and his stepmom is their secretary.

"We are Brady-bunched together," he said. "There is enough of us to split up the chores but we keep it small enough to pay attention to every detail. It is not a chain pet store but family run. We deal with independent and private breeders. It's hard to beat the stigma of puppy mills."

For more information on The Perfect Puppy, call 401-323-3937.