CLCF eliminates Braves 5th Graders

CLCF eliminates Braves 5th Graders

PAWTUCKET - It was a defensive battle that did not feaure many total yards, but with less than four minutes left to play, the CLCF Chiefs 5th Grade team broke through the Darlington Braves defense to score the only touchdown of the game for the 6-0 win to earn a berth in the Super Bowl.

The Blackstone Valley American Youth Football League hosted the 5th and 7th grade semifinal games at Vets Field last week, before Super Bowls on Sunday. The Chiefs were the top seeded team, finishing out the regular season with a 10-1 record while the Braves placed fourth going 7-3.

"These kids are fighters," Darlington head coach Scott Chartier said. "And my hat's off to Cranston."

While the Braves' offense was contained by the Chiefs, their defense stepped up to keep the game scoreless for three and a half quarters. The Chiefs' defense not only contained the Braves but continued to push them back for little to no gain.

"We couldn't move the football," Chartier said. "Cranston scouted us well and knew where our offense was."

In the Braves first possession of the fourth quarter, they went four and out. They started at their own 30-yard line but like in most of their drives, they lost yards. Dillon Stubbs went to Makhi Goncalves, who gained a yard. But from there they were pushed back. On fourth down, Stubbs was brought down hard in the backfield to turnover the ball on downs.

The Chiefs had perfect field position started at the Darlington 17-yard line. Alferd Travieso picked up four yards for CLCF before Dion Wilson got the big run getting the ball to the five. The quarterback, Michael Grenier, tried to surge forward but got nothing as the four-minute warning was signaled.

On second and goal, Grenier handed off to Wilson who was able to just break the plane before going down to score the touchdown. Their first attempt at the extra point yielded a penalty flag forcing a do-over. The second attempt was short as Tyler Stephenson went down before the goal line.

The Braves tried to break out on the kick return getting good field position at their own 46. They got into CLCF territory and were just one yard shy of a first down before being stopped. The Chiefs got the ball back, ran two plays before downing the ball to run out the clock for the 6-0 victory.

"It's hard to lose a game 6-0," Chartier said. "We fought to the end of the game and I've never seen that before."

For most of the game, the Braves were stuck in their own territory. In the third quarter, they had two possessions in the Chiefs zone. On a Chief incomplete pass on fourth down, the Braves got the ball at the CLCF 42. After a five-yard penalty on the Chiefs, Dylan Emery made a nice run up the middle to gain eight yards. But the Braves could not continue to move forward and turned the ball over at the CLCF 38.

"I want to mention CC (Colby Contreras), Dylan Emery, Tails (Dillon Stubbs) and just the whole defensive line," Chartier said. "They all played a heck of a game. I'm very proud of them and I'm proud to be their coach."

In the 7th Grade game, Fairlawn dropped a heartbreaking 19-18 decision to CLCF, ending their season.

"We had a heck of a team with a great bunch of kids," Chartier said. "They are a bunch of goofballs but come to play. We will be back next year."