Will anybody check to see if unionized day care providers are illegals?

Will anybody check to see if unionized day care providers are illegals?

The Service "Employees" International Union (SEIU) is currently attempting to organize the state's day care providers, not employees. Why? I believe it's nothing more than an attempt to increase the salaries of the union's leadership. What do you think? Did you know that the SEIU openly accepts and represents illegal aliens as members? Did you know that the SEIU shows up along with many illegal aliens at rallies at our Statehouse demanding driver's licenses for illegal aliens, not to mention their demands (in Spanish) that we cease enforcing our current immigration laws along with supporting an illegal policy granting in-state tuition to illegal alien students?

If the SEIU is successful in this latest quest for members will illegal alien providers be included? Will the state be checking providers' status before issuing any subsidies? Is any portion of the subsidies derived from federal funds? If so, providers are subject to federal E-Verify to prove their legal status. Do we know now if subsidies are going to illegal alien providers now? Do we know if and how well the state currently monitors and scrutinizes the training, qualifications, licensing and immigration status of these providers? Lastly, how can we have allowed this farce to be foisted upon us by our legislators? Can we ask them what they think now? Could it be due to the fact that George Nee, president of the R.I. AFL-CIO and guest speaker at many of their rallies, is the wizard behind the curtain in the House Speaker's office?

Terry Gorman


Gorman is president of Rhode Islanders for Immigration Law Enforcement.