My son had excellent preschool experience

My son had excellent preschool experience

After reading last week's letter bashing the Cumberland Town Preschool, my jaw literally dropped to the floor. I was born and raised in Cumberland and through my entire existence in this town I have never heard one negative comment about the town's preschool.

When choosing a preschool for my son, I started investigating to see what all the buzz about the town preschool was really about. Everyone I had come in contact with always raved about how wonderful all of the teachers are at the Cumberland Preschool. They would talk about how much the children will have learned when they come out of this program. This sounded exactly like what I was looking for in a preschool.

So we enrolled my son into the town preschool last year. With full day kindergarten fast approaching I knew that I needed a place very special and academically based for my son to start his school career. He was a very shy boy, who really never left my side, so I knew that I needed a place that would cater to this as well as providing him the academics that he so desperately needed. You see, he was my baby boy and I am by no means a teacher. All we did together was play outside and do "boy" things. I figured he would learn what he needed to know when he went to school.

Needless to say when he started preschool he was behind the other children academically and socially. I would drive him to school every day for the first few weeks crying and then he would eventually vomit in the back seat of my car. I would walk him to his wonderful teacher and, like magic, all of the anxiety I was feeling was alleviated because I knew that she would alleviate his fears as well. She would take his hand and sit him on her lap, just as I had done for the last four years. She is, in my eyes, no less than an angel.

Eventually he became accustomed to school and started to love it. His academics soared. I noticed him pointing out and recognizing letters and numbers while watching TV or while we were reading a book (he didn't even know the difference between the two before starting preschool). Then he started with letter sounds and spelling words; I was amazed. By the end of the year he could spell and write the names of all the children in his class.

This preschool took my shy little boy who was attached to my hip and gave him the confidence to play and interact with his peers. They made him academically ready to take on full-day kindergarten and to succeed tremendously with the engage NY program, which is not an easy task! I owe a world of thanks to his amazing teacher and the entire staff of the Cumberland Preschool. Without you, my son would not be as successful in school or with his peers as he is today.

Thank you Cumberland Preschool!

Elissa Austin