Volunteerism, not business ads and gain, for sports

Volunteerism, not business ads and gain, for sports

We are very upset with the Smithfield School Committee for approving advertising to support the SHS football team while promoting a local business. What happened to the spirit of volunteering to help make your child's high school experience fun and memorable? Do you realize what this has the potential to become? An advertising melee! A loss of the spirit of volunteerism! A promotional tool for business gain!

As parents of a SHS football team member, a 2012 graduate of SHS, we were honored to volunteer in support of the weekly team dinners. The parents that we worked with did it to support their child or children, not to gain on a business level. It was a lot of work but also a lot of fun.

Does everything have to be for business gain? Shame on you, the advertiser, and more importantly, shame on you School Committee for allowing this to go through. The team dinners really should be about making memories and supporting your child/children because you want to, not creating visibility for your business!

Rich and Molly Benetti

Volunteer parents - NOT advertisers