Dodgeball battle in full swing at CHS

Dodgeball battle in full swing at CHS

Dodgeballs are flying everywhere in competing 9th-grade advisories, thanks to the Freshman Mentoring Program. This 2013-2014 academic year is the first run of the overall program itself, designed by three members of Cumberland High School faculty: Ms. Bandoni, Ms. Butler, and Mrs. Proulx.

The Freshman Mentoring Program is an opportunity for upperclassmen to help out and mentor, make friends and ultimately create a comforting environment for the class of 2017. Last year, prospective freshmen mentors filled out an application and interviewed for the program, and whoever was deemed fit for the organization was accepted and then assigned a freshman advisory with two or three other mentors.

Every Thursday, freshman mentors visit their advisory, and have some sort of activity planned, or direction for each week. Over the past two weeks, freshman advisories have been competing against each other for the winning dodgeball title. The winning advisories so far since last Friday were; Ms. Johnson's, Ms. DeHertogh's, Mr. McNiff's, Ms. Zafferano's, Mrs. Maloney's and Ms. Hall's. Congrats to the winners who will be competing in Round II of the Freshman Mentor dodgeball tournament!

To see the listing and overall excitement of this week's winners and for rRound II, feel free to head over to the Twitter handle, @CHSFreshmanMent in the "twitosphere" for some competitive fun. As a freshman mentor, I have come across amazing students and dodgeball prodigies, haha.

The football game against Coventry last Friday at Tucker once again solidified the "power of one" as Clipper fans flocked the field in spirit, hopeful of last year's turnout (knock on wood). It's not weird if it works right?

We have a few days left of the Turkey Basket Drive, and this year CHS's goal is 150 baskets. Bring all the canned and nonperishable food items while we still have time. Well, the next time I will fill you in on the great happenings at CHS, it will be December. I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving, and enjoy the rest of November.

Thanks everyone. Go Blue!