Police investigating five robberies of delivery drivers in Pawtucket

Police investigating five robberies of delivery drivers in Pawtucket

PAWTUCKET – Since early November, members of the Pawtucket Police Department have investigated five separate incidents of robberies involving food delivery employees. The suspects’ descriptions are similar in all cases. Police say there have been two to four males involved in each incident.

Suspects were all wearing dark clothing, had masks or hooded sweatshirts obscuring their faces, and were armed with at least one handgun or knives. All of the incidents have occurred after dark.

In some of the cases food delivery employees were making deliveries to addresses that did not place an order. To help safeguard food delivery employees, the Pawtucket Police Department is offering the following advice and suggestions for businesses to protect them:

• Always obtain a callback number for a delivery. Call the number back to verify that a legitimate order is being placed.

• When arriving at the delivery location scan the area for suspicious people in the area. Check the delivery address for signs of occupancy, including vehicles in driveway, lights on, television on.

• Be aware of vehicles following the delivery driver from the restaurant to the delivery location.

• Be aware of suspicious persons or vehicles in the vicinity of the restaurant who may follow the delivery driver.

• Do not carry large amounts of cash.

If a food delivery service employee, or citizen, observes anything suspicious or questions the authenticity of an order being placed, they are asked to contact the police department dispatch center at 401-726-3911. Officers will be immediately dispatched to investigate the questionable circumstances.

Anyone with information about those responsible for this series of crimes is asked to call the Pawtucket Police Department Detective Division at 401-727-9100, ext. 777.