Council approves application for funding to back major projects

Council approves application for funding to back major projects

PAWTUCKET - The Pawtucket City Council last week gave its nod of approval to an application for nearly $1 million in recreation grants to fund a new artificial field at Max Read Field, a new and improved Festival Pier, and three other smaller projects.

Officials say $400,000 in recreation grant funding from the Department of Environmental Management, which would be matched by another $400,000 in money from the city's Community Development Block Grant funds, would not be enough to pay for the entire artificial field project.

The total cost for the field project is roughly $1 million, according to Planning and Redevelopment Director Barney Heath. Another big project, the redevelopment of the Festival Pier, should end up at about $1.5 million from all grant sources.

A new turf field at Max Read has been in the works for many years, according to Heath, and the home of the Shea Raiders should finally see the upgrades if the money is approved.

The remaining $200,000 or more needed for the Max Read project could come from a number of different sources, according to Dylan Zelazo, spokesman for Mayor Donald Grebien.

The $400,000 for the planned redevelopment of the Festival Pier on the Seekonk River would be added to nearly $1 million in funds already in place, including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Cleanup Funding of $200,000, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Boat Ramp Funding of $350,000, and Community Development Block Grant funding of $350,000.

Zelazo told The Breeze that the $400,000 grant being sought for the overhaul of the Festival Pier would basically bring the city's share of the cost down to zero for the entire project. If the money is obtained officials could spend the $400,000 they have earmarked for the project on other items, like the remainder of the Max Read project, he said.

Also sought in the grant application approved by the City Council last week are:

* $20,000 to go toward the development of a disc golf course in Slater Park.

* $100,000 toward the construction of a new pavilion and offices in Slater Park.

* And $25,000 toward the renovation of bathroom facilities at Veterans Memorial Park.