West Glocester fire chief lists allegations

West Glocester fire chief lists allegations

GLOCESTER - In the wake of charges leveled by West Glocester firefighter Trevor Clark in last week's Valley Breeze & Observer, the newspaper has obtained what is represented as the department's complete file of complaints filed against Clark.

An Oct. 28 affidavit by Chief Chris LaButti lists formal charges as: unauthorized use of district records, sexual harassment of female department personnel through the use of a personal computer, failure to follow department procedure when reporting to the scene, and performing personal business while on district time with district equipment.

A closed-door meeting was held last Tuesday, Nov. 19., between Clark and the board. A source is telling The Valley Breeze & Observer that the elected board has decided to terminate him, but hasn't made it official yet.

Clark, of Glocester, is a gay man who says he's been subjected to taunts at the station house.

He had also complained that he had been unable to secure a copy of his personnel record and other documents that would help him prepare a defense.

He has retained an attorney, Mark McBurney of Pawtucket, who says all the charges are vague and unfounded.

He has filed Access to Public Records violation charges with the Office of Attorney General.