Assessor: House visits for revaluation should end soon

Assessor: House visits for revaluation should end soon

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Tax Assessor Janesse Muscatelli is reporting that the ongoing revaluation of all town properties is "going very well." Residents have been compliant with requests to inspect their homes, said Muscatelli.

There is no exact date for when assessors will complete their door-to-door visits, but they should be done by the end of the month, according to Muscatelli. Once the initial visits are complete, second notices and call-backs will begin for those who haven't had their homes inspected.

Assessors have now started visiting businesses to take a complete inventory of their assets for the town's tangible property assessments, said Muscatelli.

Final notices of all new assessments will go out next March, she said.

Workers from Northeast Revaluation Group are conducting the town's full property revaluation. Rhode Island law requires a full-blown revaluation every nine years, with two "statistical" revaluations every three years in between.

Even if someone's property value does go down as a result of the current revaluation, that does not necessarily mean that residents will be paying less in taxes. Town officials are allowed to "equalize" the tax rate to address any drop in values.

The current revaluation will reflect market values as of Dec. 31, 2013, and won't be used to calculate property tax bills until bills are sent out in 2014.

All assessments that are determined by Northeast inspectors will eventually be reviewed and approved by Muscatelli's office. Once assessments are sent out, residents will have the opportunity for an informal hearing with Northeast. If they still don't agree, they'll have the right to appeal to the tax assessor.

All revaluation information will be posted at .