AT NPHS - Winter Ball was a ball, but was gone in a flash

AT NPHS - Winter Ball was a ball, but was gone in a flash

The anticipation kicks in as the date rolls closer. Five more days, four more days, the counting down starts. Everyone is trying to get those last minute things done on time. The nervousness, anxiousness, excitement, it all starts up. Winter Ball will be on Friday. The day cannot be any closer.

It's time. Winter Ball is here. Nails, hair, meeting up, getting ready, picking up flowers, dresses, and tuxes SLps the day is as packed as ever! Winter Ball pictures begin at 6 p.m. The line starts short but grows as more people show up to the ball. Dinner is served and everyone eats while looking around and checking out who's sitting where.

Last year's Winter Ball was held at the convention center in downtown Providence. The ballroom was large and spacious with enough room for everyone and extra space. The lighting and decorations were great and definitely made the room look cozy and inviting, perfect for a Winter Ball.

This year Winter Ball was held at the Crowne Plaza. The ballroom was slightly smaller but the downsize of space created a cozier feel, making everyone feel more connected. With the smaller room it became easier to find friends even if they were at the opposite side of the room and the dance floor was big enough to hold everyone while they danced the night away.

All in all the Crowne Plaza gave this year's Winter Ball more of a feel of togetherness and made it feel as though the whole school was coming together to have a fun-packed night.

Just as soon as dinner began, it's over and the dancing starts. A little while into the dancing the senior superlatives are announced. Everyone claps for the winners and then the music is turned back on. The rest of the time is spent with friends and dates dancing away the night. Before anyone can even blink, the ball is over. Everyone piles into their cars rushing to get out of the rain and heads off to home or breakfast or wherever they are going to hang out for the night or sleep. The ball was a blast and it's over before it even began. Everyone had a ball and cannot wait until next year.