Lombardi to citizens: Don't forget to clear sidewalks

Lombardi to citizens: Don't forget to clear sidewalks

NORTH PROVIDENCE - As flakes began to fall on Tuesday, Mayor Charles Lombardi was reaching out for help from residents and business owners.

Please clear off the sidewalks, he said.

The mayor is renewing his annual plea to all whose properties include a sidewalk, noting that the town hasn't the equipment or manpower to clear them all following snow storms.

Snow-covered sidewalks send pedestrians into the streets already narrowed by the piles of snow along the edges, he said. "We've been lucky, thank God," said Lombardi, "but we need help."

While a town ordinance mandates citizens to clear them, he asks, "What do you do? You can't go out and tag everybody."

Particularly difficult, he says, are the bus shelters generally along state roads where the massive Department of Transportation plows tend to pile up the snow.

In those cases, says the mayor, local business owners are often closest.

"We're asking for a little cooperation from those businesses, to be cognizant of what's going on," Lombardi said.