New Beginnings Loan offered by Navigant

New Beginnings Loan offered by Navigant

SMITHFIELD - Navigant Credit Union is breaking with conventional wisdom to offer what it's terming a New Beginnings Loan to those who don't meet traditional underwriting criteria to borrow money to purchase a new home.

The loan is targeted to homebuyers who may have suffered a foreclosure on a previous property, sold their home at short sale, or for those with credit score deficiencies.

"Our new loan will help some families pick up the pieces and start again," said Navigant Credit Union President and CEO Gary Furtado. "We're committed to supporting all the communities we serve, offering the products and services people need to move ahead. This is just one way for us to offer a helping hand."

This 30-year loan is the same loan offered to those who qualify for more traditional home loans. Both fixed rate and adjustable rate New Beginnings Loans are available, up to a maximum of $417,000, on single-family homes.

Get more information at 401-233-4700.