National project gives students a taste of computer programming

National project gives students a taste of computer programming

CUMBERLAND - Some 15 million American school kids - including those from Cumberland - plunged into the art of computer programing last week during the national Hour of Code project encouraged by President Obama.

Teachers in local elementary and middle schools selected activities from an assortment of suggested projects and tapped the resources of school computer labs and classroom netbooks to challenge students for an hour during the week.

School board member Craig Duffy spearheaded the push to involve Cumberland schools and says he watched the project in action in four different classrooms last week. Chairwoman Lisa Beaulieu also dropped in to classrooms with encouragement and a little hands-on help.

At Community School, Laura Spino's 5th-grade class used the Tynker software to launch spacemen and find puppies as the fun little games gave the kids an early taste of computer science.

Recent statics show that computing jobs will make up 50 percent of all math and science jobs but fewer than 3 percent of all college students are majoring in computer science.