TrashVeo offers curbside service for residents

TrashVeo offers curbside service for residents

WOONSOCKET - TrashVeo, a Woonsocket provider of member-based residential services, now offers curbside service for senior citizens, homeowners, renters, absentee landlords, busy workers, and the disabled with weekly trash collection problems. Each week TrashVeo puts out members' trash barrels, recycling bins, and lawn and leaf bags the night before collection day. Then it returns to put everything back where it belongs. TrashVeo eliminates fines for trash violations and the need to have someone else put out trash for you.

Monthly memberships are $19.95. Annual memberships are $239.40. Volume memberships are available for multi-unit homes. Memberships are also available as gifts. To join TrashVeo, call 1-800-987-8949 or go to TrashVeo's website and fill out a membership form at

"Most people take putting out the trash for granted, but it's a struggle for some and a burden for others," says Dominic Pratt, TrashVeo's CEO. "Our service eliminates the hassle of putting out the trash on collection day. It also eliminates the need for people to rush home from family affairs or vacations to take care of the trash. Members are free to spend more time doing the things they enjoy. For members that can't take out the trash themselves, it provides peace of mind."

Memberships are available to residents in Providence, East Providence, North Providence, Cranston, Johnston, Warwick, Cumberland, Lincoln, Smithfield, North Smithfield, Pawtucket, and Woonsocket. TrashVeo closely monitors each community's schedule to ensure that trash gets picked up weekly. Residents must make sure trash barrels, recycling bins, and lawn and leaf bags are accessible, and that yards and curbs are free from snow. To put out special items, like furniture or other large items, contact TrashVeo.

The service could also save absentee landlords time and money, by eliminating the need to travel back and forth to put the trash out, or worry that tenants are not putting out the trash on collection day. For some landlords, curbside service may even be a tax write-off. Landlords should consult with their tax advisors to see if they qualify.