Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Jan. 4

Christina Gomes, Happy 90th Birthday from your loving family.

Jan. 5

Shannon S. Padula, Happy Birthday! Love, Mom, Angelica and Derek.

Jan. 7

Stephanie Lukasiewicz, Happy 30th Birthday. We love you! You look great. We're so proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, Dave, Cris, Kara and Zack.

Jan. 9

Cleora Green, Happy Birthday Grandma! We love you, from all of your grandchildren.

Cleora Green, Happy 59th Birthday to the best and only mother. I love you. From Conelia

Jan. 10

Happy Birthday Jamie Quinn from all your friends at The Valley Breeze!

Jan. 11

Philip Welsh, Happy Birthday Dad! I love you very much! XOXO Meghan

Philip Welsh, I love you! Happy Birthday! XOXO Ang

Jan. 12

Alison L'Heureux, Happy Birthday from all your friends at The Valley Breeze!

Jan. 14

Daniel Kaczorowski, Happy 10th Birthday! Love you, Dad, Emma, Zachary, Grammy, Papa, Uncle Mark and Memere.

Jan. 29

Ross Amato, Happy Birthday Uncle Ross! Love, Jimmy and Sami.