Kennedy Manor Social Club will meet Monday

Kennedy Manor Social Club will meet Monday

WOONSOCKET - The J.F. Kennedy Manor Social Club will meet Monday, Jan. 6.

A bingo dinner will be held Monday, Jan. 13, at 4:30 p.m. A chicken pot pie dinner will be served.

Officers for 2014 are: Denise Leveillee, president; Rita Brunelle, vice president; Maurice Peloquin, treasurer; Margie Desrosiers, secretary.

Celebrating birthdays at the Dec. 9 meeting were Simone St. Sauveur, Aline Goulet, Donald and Trudy Paterson, Bertha Arel, Pauline Badeau, Walter Bourgeois, Terry Corbeille, Pauline Clancy, Marguerite Robin and Normand Parent. Birthday winners were Trudy Paterson, Bertha Arel and Simone St. Sauveur.

Celebrating 38 years of marriage were Richard and Muriel Taft.

Door prize winners were J.J. Limburg, Jeanne Bastien, Bertha Arel, Connie Seider and Muriel Taft.

Split-the-pot winners were Carol Mathewson, Lillian Tardie, Jeannette Deragen, Rita Brunelle, Connie Seider, Maurice Peloquin, Lucille Messier, Arlene Sarnosky, Sandra Davis, Margie Desrosiers and Fran Laferriere.