Historic buildings to have a spot on Lincoln's budget

Historic buildings to have a spot on Lincoln's budget

LINCOLN - With the town administrator agreeing to expand the budget to include separate line items for each of Lincoln's historic properties, town officials have tabled discussions about the town taking a more active role in preservation.

Town Administrator T. Joseph Almond told the Ordinance Committee on Dec. 16 that he had "no problem" expanding the "Other Buildings" line of the budget so specific amounts spent on each property could be included in the town's annual report.

When this request was originally made last month through resolution by Councilor John Flynn, Almond was amenable, but said he doubted doing so would have the desired result since listing expenses separately would not put more money into the account.

Lincoln currently pays an average of $405 per month for the routine utility expenses for Moffit Mill, Hearthside House, Chase Farmhouse, Hannaway Blacksmith Shop and Valentine Whitman House, according to data provided by Almond.

In the past year, the only capital expenditure, he said, was a new furnace and oil tank for the Valentine Whitman House, which cost the town $7,458.86.

What Almond did take issue with was the creation of a multi-year funding plan for the town to support the properties should volunteer support one day diminish.

He argued that he could not commit future administrations and taxpayers to such funding, and that any capital expenses have always had the opportunity to be paid for through capital resolution at the annual Financial Town Meeting.