Hearing on Lincourt pension set for Feb. 6

Hearing on Lincourt pension set for Feb. 6

Lombardi hopeful that Campbell pension will be overturned

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Representatives from the State Retirement Board have scheduled a hearing on a potential disability pension for firefighter Robert Lincourt for Feb. 6.

Lincourt and Mayor Charles Lombardi are expected to testify as the board consider's the firefighter's request for a disability pension after working three years in the department, from 2007 to 2010.

Officials are not allowed to disclose what sort of ailment prompted Lincourt's departure from the department, but Lombardi has emphasized the ex-firefighter doesn't qualify for a pension based on the information town officials have reviewed. Lombardi testified last week that Lincourt, 41, is capable of continuing to work for the North Providence Fire Department, despite any health issues he might be claiming.

If his disability pension is approved, Lincourt will receive $39,000 a year from the state retirement system, an amount totaling about two-thirds of his salary. He would get another $5,000 a year from the town of North Providence, as well as annual cost of living increases.

Lombardi said pension board members informed him after he testified on the Lincourt request last week that they'll get back to him about setting up a time for him to testify on the disability pension already awarded to former firefighter Stephen Campbell, the man who missed nearly half of the 10 years he was with the department after being hired at the age of 52.

Lombardi has requested an explanation from members of the board on why they voted 2-1 in favor of the Campbell pension after two of three doctors involved in the matter said he was fit to come back to work.

Lombardi said he's still hopeful he can convince the board to overturn their earlier decision on Campbell.

"I'm going to give it my best shot," he said. "If they do (overturn it), it will be monumental for us."


Is anyone looking out for Rhode Islanders? The Yoyos who voted for Lincourt and Campbell's pensions should be charged with a crime and made to pay back all the moneys that have been paid to these 2 takers and dishonest b--s.Go after all the other takers that are out there like them.

That's the problem with RI politics. Nobody is watching out for the TAX PAYING CITIZENS. Politicians are only looking out for themselves, each other, and other municipal workers. The tax payer gets it in the end........as usual.