Lincoln family gets dumpster pup

Lincoln family gets dumpster pup

Arrestee created false identity to cover her tracks

PAWTUCKET - After an arrest in the case of the puppy abandoned in a city dumpster, a Lincoln family was allowed to take the dog home this week.

Pawtucket Animal Control Officer John Holmes said on Monday that the Lincoln residents had already been to the animal shelter in search of a small dog when the puppy was found in a dumpster on the Friday before Christmas.

"We did all of our checks and they're an excellent family," said Holmes. "We handled the adoption process the way we would handle any other dog."

Holmes said that due to the widespread media attention on the dumpster dog, the family that took home the dog has asked that their information not be released. The family was first on a list of more than 50 applicants for the dog, which generated widespread interest.

Holmes said animal control officers are "very thrilled" with the results of a Pawtucket Police investigation that led to city resident Jennifer McRae, 32, of 11 Capital St., as the prime suspect.

According to a news release from police, McRae attempted to hide what she did by creating a fake name and blaming the crime on that person. She claimed she had given the dog to a "Crystal Miller," but police weren't able to find Miller.

On Dec. 19, Pawtucket Animal Control was informed that there was small dog that had been abandoned in a dumpster at 95 Harrison St. The dog was found in an animal crate.

Animal Control personnel evaluated the condition of the dog and found him to be in good condition. Det. Jeffrey Cook of the Pawtucket Police Department was assigned to investigate the case. McRae then contacted the Pawtucket Police Department and stated that she had information concerning the abandonment of the dog, said police. Cook met with McRae, who stated that she had purchased the dog that was found abandoned in the dumpster. She added that when she found out that the property owner would not allow pets in the building she gave the dog to a friend. She identified the friend as Crystal Miller and provided Cook with a phone number for Miller, along with several text messages communicated between Miller and McRae. Detective Cook was unable to locate anyone named Crystal Miller. A check of the phone number for Miller was conducted, and the number came back to McRae.

"It appears that McRae created the identity of Crystal Miller to direct investigators toward Miller as being responsible for abandoning the dog," said police as part of their announcement.

Investigators found enough additional information to get a warrant to arrest McRae. The warrant was prepared and signed by a judge on Jan. 10, and McRae was arrested immediately. She was held and arraigned by a bail commissioner on Jan. 11 on charges of abandonment of animals, unnecessary cruelty of animals, and obstructing an officer in execution of duty. McRae was released on $2,500 personal recognizance.