Rep. Corvese wants ex-pols to wait two years for a new job

Rep. Corvese wants ex-pols to wait two years for a new job

Says revolving door policy could become new state standard

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Rep. Arthur Corvese is pushing for new rules he says would require a two-year waiting period for any of North Providence's 15 elected officials to be appointed to a town position after they leave office.

Corvese, of House District 55 in North Providence, said he believes "the time has come" for the town to have such a revolving door policy. Corvese said the restriction would "build on what" was started with the revolving door policy for state officials, which requires a one-year wait.

"I thought two years was appropriate because it's a smaller bureaucracy here," he told The Breeze. "Two is better than one, and more importantly, two years is one election cycle."

Corvese went before the North Providence Town Council last week to ask members to throw their support behind his measure, which would add the two-year restriction to the town's charter. He is looking for the council to send a resolution of support for the charter change to the General Assembly.

"It's a good government proposal, it's a transparent proposal," he said.

Two years is important because the town government in North Providence is "a lot smaller," said Corvese, and "people know each other."

Corvese told the council he is seeking a "somewhat expedited procedure" given the relatively short amount of time the General Assembly is in session.

Corvese told The Breeze that the new rules, if implemented and successful in North Providence, could spread to other towns through state-approved charter changes elsewhere. He said he "wouldn't be opposed" to adding a two-year limit for state leaders.

"Let's see how things go with the town of North Providence," he said. "If the idea catches on, maybe some of the other reps and senators would do the same for their own communities."

Councilor Manny Giusti questioned Corvese's motive in drafting a local revolving door policy, asking the representative, "just out of curiosity," why he would push it right now, after so many years in the General Assembly.

"I just thought it was a good idea," Corvese replied.

"There's no specific ...?" Giusti started to ask.

"Do I need one, Manny?" asked Corvese.

"I don't know, I'm asking you," Giusti responded.

"I'm not telling you," said Corvese. "I think it's a good idea. I have those every once in a while, Manny."

"Well, that's your opinion," said Giusti.

Corvese later insisted to The Breeze that he has no ulterior motives in wanting a revolving door policy for local officials, and he has no other reason for it other than to promote good government.

Giusti, an ally of Mayor Charles Lombardi, isn't buying it.

"It makes no sense to me," he said. "I don't know what it's about, and if it's such a good idea, why not make it a statewide thing?"

Lombardi agreed with Giusti, saying he has no idea what Corvese's motivation could be. He questioned why Corvese is only targeting North Providence with the stricter rules.

Town Council President Kristen Catanzaro, who was not at last week's council meeting due to illness, said Sunday she hadn't yet had a chance to review what happened at the meeting to be able to offer an opinion on it. She was aware that the Corvese request was referred to the council's ordinance committee.

North Providence has staggered elections every two years, with about half of the Town Council and half of the School Committee on the ballot each time. The mayor's seat is on the ballot every four years.


Corvese is a union hack, he has not done or accomplished any positive work while in the GA. Adding more change for the sake of change is just a waste of time (money) which he and most of the GA is all about. Let's concentrate on reducing our expenses in NP, our taxes are killing everyone and it will not be better in the future unless the GA and town leaders start getting real on facing the problems in front of us now.

Funny how one of the mayors hacks doesn't want this to pass. That way the scammer errr mayor can give him or others cushy town jobs for voting his way while on the Town council. Btw why do our police sit on the road sides all night long instead of oh I don't know patrolling our side streets? Too many home break ins in this town.