Breeze's mobile website reformatted for easy use

Breeze's mobile website reformatted for easy use

LINCOLN - With the launch of an upgraded mobile website, The Valley Breeze & Observer newspapers are easier than ever to access every week.

The Breeze, which redesigned its website last fall for viewing on computers and tablets, has now reformatted its mobile website to fit the screen size of cell phones.

Find it by searching on your browser. Touch "Towns and Sections" to localize your search. Other categories include Obituaries, Opinion, Calendar and more.

The Breeze's online edition includes every story in all five editions. New Pawtucket and North Providence stories are posted every Wednesday, and the others - Cumberland, Lincoln, North Smithfield, Woonsocket, Scituate, Smithfield and Glocester - are posted on Thursdays. Valley Breeze & Observer news staff updates the website throughout the week.

Mobile access to The Breeze, tested for the past two months, comes as Americans embrace the palm-sized computers as a preferred way of sending and receiving information.

Last November, less than a month after it went live, The Breeze's mobile site counted 37,000 page views by smart phone owners.

Tablets picked up another 37,000 page views, while 164,500 page views were attributed to desktop and laptop users.

Valley Breeze Publisher Tom Ward said he expects to see the mobile popularity continue growing.

The Pew Research Center reports 79 percent of the 181 million Americans who own smart phones reach for them within 15 minutes of waking up in the morning, with 44 percent of those looking for news or sports.

While in 1991, 68 percent of Americans turned on television first thing in the morning, that number dropped to 55 percent by 2012. And for radio industry, the drop from 1991 to 2012 was 54 percent to 33 percent.

A separate Pew study in 2013 found the Internet is the top news choice for nearly half of those under the age of 45.