Collette announces big winners

Collette announces big winners

Pictured are six out of the 10 winners of $10,000 each at Collette. From left are Linda Smith, product operations; Donna Warner, accounting; Heather Villamaino, tour manager; Amanda Cabrera, product operations; Melissa Pagano, customer care; and Kristina Dufort, tour manager. Not pictured are Jean Duranleau, product; Kathryn Puleo, inventory; Patty Wilson, air; and Dawn Bydeweg, from customer care in British Columbia.

PAWTUCKET - Ten employees from city-based tour operator Collette Vacations were the lucky winners of $10,000 each during a company event held this month at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Collette awarded the full-time employees with $10,000 during a random drawing to celebrate the success the company had in 2013. Seven of the winners reside in Rhode Island, two employees live in Massachusetts, and one is from Collette's office in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

Collette hit a major revenue goal in 2013 and experienced a second consecutive year of record-breaking profit and double-digit growth, according to a news release. In addition to the performance-based incentives that Collette is paying again this year, they also paid every employee an additional $1,000 due to the revenue milestone.

Collette President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Sullivan Jr. said that the incentive plus the added bonus drawings were meant as a heartfelt "thank you" to every employee for all they do to drive the company forward.

Collette's total employment is 544 people worldwide. The number of employees in its Pawtucket office is 340.