Wynne: Chafee's demonizing of opponents 'arrogant'

Wynne: Chafee's demonizing of opponents 'arrogant'

Wednesday evening, Jan. 15, Gov. Lincoln Chafee presented his final State of the State address with the typical absence of bold ideas. We have come to expect this from the Chafee Administration whose rhetoric continues to be that of a person more concerned about attacking the messenger than solving problems.

In a rather stunning display of arrogance, Chafee underscored his pride in the direction Rhode Island is heading and what his administration has accomplished.

Rhode Island Tea Party would like to highlight these "accomplishments" based in reality and not rhetoric:

* Rhode Island's economic outlook ranked No. 45 among the 50 states according to the 2013 ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index.

* According to CNN, Rhode Island ranks 48th highest in unemployment in the country.

We would like to ask where the plan is to turn our state back toward prosperity?

Is there any consideration at all of a free market solution?

What has become of our state when leadership does not take responsibility for their job and huge failures exhibited when government gets involved with private ventures like 38 Studios?

Instead, we heard the shift of blame toward the Tea Party and "so-called conservatives" and the repeated claims that government is the answer to all of Rhode Island's ills.

Using the State of State address to demonize the Tea Party or any watchdog organization is dishonest and a double standard for one who claims he is proud of Rhode Island's legacy of tolerance.

Susan Wynne


Wynne is president of the Rhode Island Tea Party