Fagnant responds to Rivers' statements in article

Fagnant responds to Rivers' statements in article

In a story published on Jan. 2, 2014, in The Valley Breeze newspaper, Mr. Allen Rivers, a member of the local Zoning Board of Review, engaged in gutter swipe activities, but most importantly here, he went one step further in taunting me for outing him and his other cohorts who denied a local businessman, Mr. Gary Fernandes, his due process to a fair hearing on his application to expand by six apartments for a total of 18 at the St. Francis House.

In an article dated Dec. 5, 2013, Superior Court Justice William Carnes granted Mr. Fernandes' motion to remand the case back to the ZBR to "review and refine any findings of fact." In the same article, Mr. Roland Michaud states, "Because of our business relationship, does that cause us to recuse ourselves on each and every decision?" asked Michaud.

In the Jan. 2 article, Mr. Rivers disputes my testimony and claims he does not in fact have a business relationship with Roland Michaud. These two inconsistent statements made by Mr. Allen Rivers demonstrates and shows that he is incapable of telling the truth. In October 2013, Superior Court Justice Daniel Procaccini also granted developer Fernandes a new hearing. Judge Procaccini called Rivers' behavior in denying the variance "arrogant and offensive" and ruled that the zoner's business relationship with Roland Michaud who spoke against Fernandes application showed a conflict of interest. Judge Procaccini stated his decision was based in part on testimony by alternate ZBR member Mr. Richard J. Fagnant. Two separate Superior Court Judges issue the same rulings.

Who is telling the truth, two Superior Court Judges or Mr. Allen Rivers? Mr. Rivers also states "I never had a conversation with him (Mr. Richard J. Fagnant) regarding the Fernandes application." Once again Mr. Rivers has demonstrated his unwillingness to tell the truth. Mr. Rivers interpretation and understanding of the zoning ordinances is umbrageous (insufficient) at best.

Richard J. Fagnant