Two new house lots off Wysteria Lane

Two new house lots off Wysteria Lane

CUMBERLAND - Two new houses are going on up on what's now the heavily wooded corner that lies between Wysteria Lane, Reservoir Road and Jason's Grant Road.

One large lot will be divided to allow for two new houses along with the current house.

The three new lots won Planning Board approval last week.

This minor subdivision, as it's called, was proposed by the owner, Derek Wiggins, who will retain three acres with his house on 7 Wysteria Lane.

The two new lots are 1.8 acres each, the smallest allowed in this Agricultural-2 area zoned for at least 80,000-square-foot lots.

One will front on Reservoir Road and the other on Jason's Grant Road.

Planners, noting that wells will be installed even though water is available, declined to attach a requirement suggested by the water superintendent that the developer bring a water connection to the lot line anyway.

They also did not, as the planning director had asked, mandate that a certain number of trees be retained.

One of the owners of a newly created lot did say he has no plans to level the entire lot.