Breaking Branches Pictures premieres trailer for new film 'Raising Matty Christian'

Breaking Branches Pictures premieres trailer for new film 'Raising Matty Christian'

NORTH SMITHFIELD - Breaking Branches Pictures, a production company based in Slatersville, has premiered the trailer for its latest feature-length documentary, "Raising Matty Christian," directed by award-winning filmmaker Christian de Rezendes.

"Raising Matty Christian" is the 84-minute story of Matthew G. Christian of Canton, Mass., who was born without full limbs and a tongue. The film focuses on the challenges Matty's parents, Allie and Jerry Christian, faced with his upbringing and their persistent attempts to adapt Matty normally into everyday living and society. It was filmed in Canton and other parts of Massachusetts, and at Bryant University, which Matty attended, in Smithfield. The film's website, , has also gone live, and features the film's two-minute trailer.

De Rezendes, and his wife and co-producer Amanda de Rezendes, were hired by Allie and Jerry Christian in the fall of 2011 and worked on the film over the course of two years.

"'Raising Matty Christian' is a truly inspirational story," said Christian de Rezendes. "You can't watch a few moments of video and not be moved by how Matty's achievements apply to your own life and how you can improve your own outlook everyday."

De Rezendes was introduced to the project by his friend Paul Plotkin of Saunderstown, who the Christian family hired to edit and transfer old VHS home movies to DVD. Captivated by what he saw, Plotkin contacted de Rezendes about the idea of making the film. Some time later, Christian and Amanda met with the Christians, who also wanted the film made. Pre-production began in November of 2011. Plotkin serves as the film's associate producer.

Breaking Branches Pictures also began to film "Slatersville: America's First Mill Village" alongside "Raising Matty Christian" in early 2012. That production is continuing to raise funds and continues to be filmed today. "Slatersville" is a much larger project and is intended for a late 2015 release. To learn more, visit

"Raising Matty Christian" is now in the early stages of being submitted to film festivals, networks and distribution companies for consideration. Future premiere dates and details will be announced.