No parking signs at Olney Park to come down

No parking signs at Olney Park to come down

NORTH PROVIDENCE - Employees from the Department of Public Works will take down remaining "no parking" signs that were for some reason left standing along High Service Avenue near Stephen Olney Park.

Town Councilor Dino Autiello had made the request after he said town workers only removed two of several signs that were supposed to come down.

"We're going to take the rest of them down," said Mayor Charles Lombardi.

The State Traffic Commission previously approved all the signs to come down, said Autiello, raising the question of why some were left up. Town officials couldn't say why all the signs were not taken down after the approval came in from the State Traffic Commission.

Autiello and others wanted the signs removed from the sidewalk in front of on-street parking spaces because they were causing confusion and forcing motorists to park in front of residents' homes instead of in front of the park.

A "no parking" rule will remain in effect 20 feet in either direction from the emergency entrance to Our Lady of Fatima Hospital, according to Autiello, who lives nearby.

Residents complained back in 2012 that visitors to Olney Park were often blocking their driveways to avoid parking in front of the no parking signs. The section of the park off High Service Avenue is a popular sledding spot.

Town officials have not been able to say how the no parking signs originally came to be placed along the border of the park. A Department of Transportation spokeswoman said in 2012 that DOT records showed no parking restrictions for the park side of High Service Avenue, despite the signs being there.