Mayor files late finance report

Mayor files late finance report

WOONSOCKET - Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt has filed her overdue campaign finance report for the 28-day period after last year's Nov. 5 municipal election, and has documented the receipt of more than $20,000 in contributions, and the spending of all but about $300 of her total campaign windfall.

The report covers the filing period from Oct. 29 through Dec. 2, and was due Dec. 3, but not filed until Feb. 4. Rick Thornton, director of campaign finance for the state Board of Elections told The Breeze last month that the mayor had been fined $25 for the infraction, and was set to accrue an additional fee of $2 a day if the report was not turned in.

The document shows Baldelli-Hunt starting the period with just $557 in her campaign fund, but collecting $21,613. Through signs, decorations and catering for campaign meetings and celebration parties, the mayor spent $21,793 during the period.

City Council candidates on Baldelli-Hunt's campaign "team" made up a portion of the contributions, with incumbent Christopher Beauchamp contributing $500, and Robert Moreau and Mark Dubois each giving $300. Councilor Melissa Murray, who is now serving her first term on the board after joining the mayor's team last October, also spent $300 on Baldelli-Hunt's campaign.

Of the 48 other contributions from individuals and PACS noted on the report, the only other donations from Woonsocket residents came from state Rep. Stephen Casey, who gave $300, resident Pauline Clancy, who gave $500, and the Woonsocket Firefighters COPE, which gave $700.

Baldelli-Hunt received $1,000 from Eric Ahlborg of Ahlborg Construction in Warwick, and another $500 from Glen Ahlborg of the same firm. Michelle Andrews of Providence Housing Authority, meanwhile, gave the candidate $200, and Bruce Bookbinder of Delta Mechanical Contractors delivered $500.

Elwira Brien, a homemaker from Cumberland, contributed $1,000, and Stephen Ucci of Raytheon Company donated $500. Harveen Singh, a Wellesly, Mass., resident who works at New England Family Health gave $500, and Alfred Buco of North Providence gave $350.

Daniel and Donna Eisele, two Naples, Fla., residents and employees of Progressive Insurance, gave the mayor $1,000 each.

Three National Grid employees, Timothy Horan, who lives in Shrewsbury, Mass.; Michael Ryan, who lives in Little Compton, and Thomas Teehan, who lives in Westwood, Mass., gave $250, $250 and $200 respectively.

Mark Ryan, a Narragansett resident who works for Moses Afonso and Ryan, gave $500, while another employee of his firm, Thomas Moses, gave $250.

Robert Pezza of the North Smithfield company Material Sand and Stone gave $300, and Stephen Pasquazzi, a Providence resident who works for Pasquazzi Bros. Inc., gave $500. Florin Mihut, a Providence resident and employee of Providence Pawn, gave $250, and Francis McMahon of Barrington, an employee of Advocacy Solutions, donated $250.

House Majority Leader Nick Mattiello added $200 to Baldelli-Hunt's campaign fund during the period, and Speaker of the House Gordon Fox gave $250.

PACs also gave their share to the mayor's coffers with $1,000 coming from the Rhode Island Association of Firefighters. Providence Firefighters Local 799 IAF gave $250 and Pawtucket Firefighters Local 4421 PAC gave $300. Another $400 came from Johnson Association of Firefighters.

According to the report, more than $10,300 went to catering expenses for the mayor's varying events, with the lion's share going to Andrew Lussier Culinary Connections.

Baldelli-Hunt also filed her ongoing quarterly report with the Board of Elections on Feb. 4, which shows that on Dec. 7, she received a $300 contribution from City Council President Albert Brien, and documents an additional $450 in campaign expenses.