City Council not happy with shortage of parking bans

City Council not happy with shortage of parking bans

PAWTUCKET - City Council members last week questioned why Mayor Donald Grebien's administration avoided instituting a snow ban for two snowstorms in a row, decisions they said led to a less-than-adequate plowing job citywide.

"We had two recent storms with no parking bans in place, and the condition of the roads reflects that," said City Councilor John Barry. "I need a better explanation of how we're doing these parking bans."

Council President David Moran agreed, saying, "It makes absolutely no sense to me why we wouldn't have a parking ban when everyone else (does)."

According to Barry, the storm of Feb. 13 resulted in "sheets of ice" being formed because there were city blocks full of cars. "Two-way streets" became "one-way roads" as a result, said Barry.

"I just don't understand that," he said.

Councilors sought a written "thorough explanation" from Grebien on his administration's rationale for when a parking ban is imposed and when it is not. Grebien's administration did not immediately comment on the request.