Officials complete review of force incident, forward to AG

Officials complete review of force incident, forward to AG

PAWTUCKET - City officials say they've sent a complete "evidence package" from their internal investigation of a Jan. 30 incident involving possible excessive force by police officers to the Office of the Attorney General, where they say it will get an "independent review."

Tony Pires, director of administration and head of public safety, would not comment on the results of the internal investigation, as he said doing so could "impede or influence" what will be an ongoing state review.

Pires previously said after an early look at the incident that he did not believe the officer seen on video hitting Lloyd Mumford Jr. with an expandable baton and spraying him in the face with pepper spray after he had been restrained had acted inappropriately.

The package sent to the attorney general's office includes both the results of an internal affairs investigation and the package of evidence against Mumford, said Pires.

The evidence package gathered by local police will be used by the attorney general's office to determine if they will proceed with the prosecution of Mumford, said Pires.

Pires said he is "confident that the attorney general's office will render a fair and objective determination of the matter." Police officers who were involved in the arrest of Mumford remain on active duty, working their normal shifts as patrol officers and in the detective unit.

The internal affairs package was sent to the attorney general's office for a "review of all of the actions of the Pawtucket Police Department during and after the arrest of (Mumford) while in the arrest and custody of the Pawtucket Police Department," said Pires.

Local police launched an internal investigation after a video of the alleged excessive force was posted online. The video shows Mumford, who was already being held against a police cruiser near Tolman High School and had handcuffs on, get hit in the legs with an expandable baton. Three officers then get on top of him and one kneels near his head/neck and proceeds to spray him with pepper spray.

Officers Jared Boudreault, who did both the hitting and pepper spraying, and Joseph Skahan, both claimed in their reports that Mumford head-butted Skahan in the face and kicked Boudreault in the groin prior to the events depicted in the video. Police claimed that Mumford was still struggling once on the ground and acted out violently all the way back to the police station.


It is unfortunate that the video had been edited so that we can't see what activity immediately preceded the whacks administered by Officer Boudreault. Had Mumford been behaving like an out-of-control lunatic? We just don't know. However, Mumford's long rap sheet does not argue in his favor. Sometimes it would be useful to have video cameras on police cars to record just such occurrences.

Is in no way now or will ever be a useful member to society. I commend our brave Police officers on keeping low life's like this off the streets.