Democratic Party sows dependence, blames opposition for failure

Democratic Party sows dependence, blames opposition for failure

The Democrat Party has increased the cost of our healthcare plans and copays by deciding for us what should be in our plans. Now we must have coverage for such things as maternity care, contraceptives, substance abuse, abortions, and even male enhancements! It doesn't matter what our personal needs are, or our age, gender or marital status - our plan will be cancelled if any of these items are not covered and your new plan, if not initially, will cost increasingly more later.

Despite reality, the Democrat Party has substantially increased our utility and gasoline bills with the radical takeover of the Environmental Protection Agency and the massive rollout of costly regulations to fight the hoax of "man caused global warming." Even the Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore admits that the scientific community has been hijacked by environmental extremists pushing an agenda that is not supported by scientific fact. These very same government scientists failed to predict this brutal winter but, hey, trust them, they know what is coming 10 years from now (just keep sending them grant money to tow the line!).

Despite the bad economy, the Democrat Party is constantly beating the drum of higher and higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels to expand government programs and afford the growing government and political class - there once was a time when they worked for us!

As if the middle class is not being squeezed enough already, the Democrat Party wants to increasingly saturate the labor market with mostly low skilled immigrant labor. More poor people will essentially keep the growing big-government class in power as they increasingly spend away our kid's future to pass out entitlements once reserved for American citizens.

No matter how much they are responsible for the mess we are in, they will keep the focus of the next election on issues that divide us by gender (the fake war on women), by race (constantly irritating race relations), and by income (making a villain of anyone who is successful). As destructive as it is for our country, causing deep-seated resentment and increasing the number of those dependent upon government gets Democrats elected!

In deflecting from the disaster of Obamacare, they will also revert to the time tested issue of raising the minimum wage claiming that Republican policies are responsible for declining wages and the income gap as if it has absolutely nothing at all to do with the fact that Democrat open border policies have saturated the labor market making all of us less valuable.

It is no secret that the labor market should drive wage levels, not politicians. Starting wages in this country would be closer to $14.00 per hour for flipping burgers, as it is in Australia, if we enforced our immigration laws. Our kids would not be struggling to find jobs, fewer people would be on food stamps and other government programs, and taxes would go down resulting in more private sector investment in our country and more opportunities for everyone.

There are solutions, but Democrats offer nothing but more problems.

Bob Leahy