LHS students prep for long celebrated Variety Show

LHS students prep for long celebrated Variety Show

Delaney Maxell is a junior at Lincoln High School. She is the daughter of John and Alison Maxell, and sister of Olivia Maxell. She is involved in the Senior Variety Show as a dancer and is a member of the varsity soccer team, hoping to continue playing soccer in college. She plans to enroll in college as a pre-veterinary medicine student.

Elizabeth Young is also a junior at Lincoln High School. She is the daughter of John and Lisa Young, and sister of Matt and Megan. She's been involved in school journalism for two years, and has been part of the school's Variety Show for two years, working behind the scenes. Elizabeth is also on the high school soccer team, hoping to continue playing in college.

One of the greatest traditions here at Lincoln High School is the Variety Show. Students from all grades will take the stage on the weekend of March 14 for three nights of singing, dancing and comedy in the school's 48th Senior Variety Show. Town pride will fill the room as students, teachers, family, and alumni come out to see it.

Over the years, the last 47 that is, Variety Show has become a beloved tradition at LHS. With the 48th show coming up, let's take a look at how it all began, way back in 1966, when the first Variety Show took place.

Lincoln High School was established in 1964, and the first graduating class was expected to graduate in 1966. Because of the school's recent establishment, the senior class of 1966 was short on funds. The class was stuck on ways to come up with the money, so they held a class meeting, all 99 students, to generate some ideas.

Ideas were tossed back and forth, and eventually molded into what became the first-ever Variety Show.

At the time, the class of 1966 had no idea that they had started what would expand into one of the biggest, if not the biggest tradition at Lincoln High School. The first show was an immediate hit, as well as every show following over the years, and we hope that the 48th show has just as much of an impact.

Today, Variety Show has continued to be a successful fundraiser for the senior class. It is a creative aspect of the school culture that the students make sure to mark on their calendars each year.

Students have worked hard for many months to put this together. Not only did the students give up their February break to be at the school for seven hours a day, Monday through Friday, but the dedicated advisors did as well. The advisers, Mr. Brandon Lahoud, Mr. Matthew Pavao, and Mr. Roy Boudreau, have given up all their time after teaching in order to help guide the students in organizing the show.

There is no denying how tough the upcoming week will be in order to make sure that everything is perfect. Students will stay after school every day to run through the whole show and then on Tuesday, there will even be a double run through. Students are typically at the school until about 10 p.m. on that night, if not later.

This year the emcees, Ben Allen, Kristen Zheng, Andrew Mollohan and Katelyn Smith, will put on a great show as they introduce all of the upcoming performances.

Thanks to the show directors Jordan Hamilton and Nicole Giroux, we have created a great show.

One of the favorites of the show is always Boys' Chorus Line, which is choreographed this year by Samantha Martone and Francesca Carpano. Everyone loves to witness the senior boys dance their hearts out. The very talented Samantha Martone also choreographed the Hip-Hop dance, which is another fan favorite.

To close the show, Faithe Bessette and Cam Smith will show off their vocals in their last music performance in Variety Show ever.

To find out more about the talented individuals in singing, dancing, and comedy, you'll have to come and witness Lincoln High School's tradition yourself. The tickets go on sale starting the week of the show, March 10, for $10.