'DiSumma Strong' Lenten Supper features Creations Raffle

'DiSumma Strong' Lenten Supper features Creations Raffle

Artist Lee Chabot and the Rev. Francis Santilli, of St. Philip Parish, stand with Chabot's painting, "Welcome," to be featured in the Creations Raffle that will highlight the Lenten Supper "DiSumma Strong" fundraiser being held March 27 to raise money for parishioner Steve DiSumma who is awaiting a heart transplant.

GREENVILLE - Welcome. It's all the parish community exudes - warmth, caring spirit and faith. All are welcomed at St. Philip Church. "Welcome" is also the name of the newest piece by Rhode Island artist Lee Chabot and a lucky raffle winner will go home with this beautiful painting.

The Creations Raffle is just one highlight of the Lenten Supper "DiSumma Strong" fundraiser being held Thursday, March 27, from 3-8 p.m., in the St. Philip Church Parish Center, 622 Putnam Pike, Greenville. The event, to raise funds for parishioner Steve DiSumma, is being organized by the St. Philip Men's Club, and is expected to draw a crowd of 1,000 people for the spaghetti and meatball supper.

DiSumma, living in Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, for eight months, is awaiting a heart transplant and presently has a plastic artificial heart keeping him alive.

The painting, "is the culmination of all the prayers and love extended to us during this difficult time. So many people have donated to make this Lenten Supper a wonderful event for my son-in-law Steve and his family. It's the generosity of strangers, parishioners and friends that have touched our hearts so deeply," said Chabot, father-in-law to DiSumma.

The other item being raffled in the Creations Raffle is a handmade quilt by Kathleen Sabetti. The quilt is a "Calendar of Hearts" design with each quilt square representing one month of the year, and each square has at least one heart in the design.

"Quilts usually convey a sense of coziness, warmth, and safety, and as I worked on this quilt I prayed that Steve and his family might soon be able to be back together in the safety of their own home," said Sabetti.

She said she hopes people will be moved to take a chance on winning the quilt.

Tickets for the Creations Raffle are $5 each.

St. Philip Church Pastor Rev. Francis Santilli said that the Lee Chabot and Kathleen Sabetti have made a sacrifice of their time, talent, and gifts, doing what they could to prepare for our supper together.

He said, "Steve and his family are the beneficiaries of the truly generous spirit that marks who we are as 'Saint Philip Parish.' The spirit of self-sacrifice and self-giving permeates our community."

Santilli said the title of the painting is fitting for our Parish. "We are truly a welcoming place."

The family night will include the Easter Bunny walking around to greet children, face painting, dessert table from bakers of the parish, a huge multi-level raffle with more than 80 prizes, DJ music, and the Creations Raffle.

Dinner tickets are $10 for adults and $6 for children and seniors. Raffle and dinner tickets can be purchased at the St. Philip Church Rectory, as well as local businesses in Smithfield.

All proceeds will go towards medical expenses for Steve DiSumma.

For more information contact organizers Vinny Mattera at 949-3345 or Elizabeth Israni at 871-5410.

Kathleen Sabetti with her "Calendar of Hearts" quilt.